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Jeep released some images of their new Recon… a rugged EV that should be coming out by 2024.

Recon doors off

Jeep Recon…

There’s no real specs to go with these teaser photos yet. But speaking in terms of design, I think the Recon falls exactly where it it needs to in an electric-Jeep lineup. It’s got slick modern styling, mixed with a retro rugged SUV essence. It brings the outside into the inside, like a Jeep should. The Recon has a sense of adventure, & freedom. And I think this is a perfect direction for Jeep to go if they want to break their EVs away from the cookie-cutter, delicate, encapsulated EV stereotype.

EV Jeep

The Recon will be unibody on the STLA Large platform. And it should have pretty impressive off-road capabilities, at least when trimmed-out. Going electric does open up all sorts of new possibilities in the off-road realm with power distribution & precise traction control.


The Jeep Recon seems like a cool rig… that also happens to be electric. In other words, I don’t like this BECAUSE it’s electric… I like this AND it’s electric. And as someone who loves driving & car culture, I don’t feel like I’m being told to shut up & comply with this Recon. It doesn’t feel like a gimmick. Rather, it feels pretty authentic actually. I don’t think Jeep is compromising with the Recon. And that makes me a lot more receptive to it. If the automotive industry wants to start winning again, they need to make vehicles that Americans WANT to buy. Like this.

Recon roof



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