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I was honored to be one of the judges for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Atlanta, GA. ATL was the third stop of nine Hot Wheels Legends shows across the US.

As a judge…

We’re instructed to choose based on authenticity, character, garage spirit, uniqueness, ‘the story’… things of that nature. Meaning – it’s not just based on a checklist of parts and/or how much $$$ someone dumped in. Although build-quality is a factor, this ain’t a concours lol. This is all based on creativity… and how the owner is represented/reflected in their car. Plus at the end of the day – it’s GOTTA make a cool, unique Hot Wheel!

The judges each pick 3 favorite vehicles that really stood out to them…

We then deliberate & compare all our our ‘3 favorites’ until we land on one that we all agree really has the Hot Wheels spirit. The winners from each show in each city will go to the finals in California, where Hot Wheels will ultimately crown the overall-winner & turn their car into a Hot Wheel. Childhood dreams right there!

I will say – judging is just about an impossible task lol.

There are so many awesome cars, and so much creativity & love for car culture. How can you pick just one? It’s like choosing 1 favorite song for all moods. In the end, the chosen vehicle has to be something truly unique. Almost fantasy. Something we think can ‘go all the way’ on a national level. And something that will stand-out unmistakably in that iconic Hot Wheels packaging.

The vibes at the Hot Wheel Legend Tour are amazing.

Cars/people are represented from all genres of car culture. It’s all smiles. And obviously – it’s tremendously family friendly. It’s just… an uplifting time all around! And a great way to pass down the love for car culture to the next generation.

*PS – Please pardon the crudeness of the video. I was trying to judge, chat, & film all at the same time lol.

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