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Wanna know what the best kind of daily is? It’s the one that collects dust. Duh. Like – where did we even come up with this word… daily? It’s just an excuse to drive a boring car everyday. And it reminds me of a happy girl in a field of daisies with a white hat twirling a white umbrella. Life is short & bland dailies are chicken sh¡t. Do like Amaury does, and drive the cool cars damn-near everyday. This is his turbo K20a2 EF Civic Hatch. 

K swapped EF

Because really?????

On a daily basis, you’re honestly totally fine with driving a car that’s as exciting as a dropped call? So that you can keep a better car tucked away in the garage? And then every once in a blue moon… bring your radical car out if the barometric pressure is right? To show your friends that you still have a sliver of testicle left? Ummm nope. That’s not working. 

Civic 15 wheels

A daily should be a backup.

Like a use only as necessary’ situation. In case of emergency… break out the daily.

Right here right now – let’s make a pledge that a daily will no longer be called a daily. It will be called – a Plan B. Like that pill you tried to make your girlfriend take. From this point forward, the coolest car you own, will now be your daily. And the Plan B car, will now only be used if you need to go get parts to fix the daily. 

EF Civic Function Form

Make your jelly beans count!

Here is a demonstration where a jelly bean represents every day of your life. Watch it & then ask yourself: How many jelly beans am I gonna waste behind the wheel of a stupid car that gives me no feelings? Wasting your beans is a waste of the gift that is Creation. And that’s why God turns His back on people who drive dailies, like He turns His back on sin. In God’s eyes, there’s no difference. 

88-91 Civic hatch

Yet somehow the whole concept of a daily has become “acceptable” in the 21st century.

You wanna know why this country has gotten so divided? 1) Greed. 2) Corruption. And 3) Because your daily sucks. You think about that. There’s 3rd graders who still believe that dreams come true. Until they find out you have an awesome car that you DON’T drive. And then they lose hope for their own future. 

boosted Civic EF

Anyway – I don’t want to start getting discouraging here…

Because for Amaury Hernandez, he’s got nothing but positive energy about his daily. Which by our new revised definition – is this 1989 Honda Civic EF hatchback with a turbo K20 engine.

Originally buying this car for $300, and now driving it at least 4-5 days a week, Amaury can honestly say that this EF Civic has taught him more about life & patience than anything else he’s ever dealt with. And that has made him a better… father? That’s right. Buying another project car will make you a better parent, a better life-partner, and an overall inspiration to the community. That’s because project cars teach you a sense of calm in the midst of chaos. And the result is: You will hands-down be better than people who don’t buy project cars. So act as such. Snub your nose at them… like they’re poor & dirty. Because poor is often a situation you’re put into. But not getting a project car – that’s a choice you make. 

turbo K20


Project cars like this EF hatch will teach you about temperament…

You learn to maintain a positive, zen-like approach to life… and confront new and/or unforeseen challenges with a level head. As Theodore Rosevelt said, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”

After all – everything is fixable. We learn that when we daily out project cars.

And any ‘setback’ is actually just a hidden opportunity to grow & improve. So be thankful for it. Amaury smiles at the character he’s built over the 11 engines that he’s been given the opportunity to put in this car… most in the last 2 years. “Turbos & superchargers – they’re just ways to test the imaginary limits that we put on ourselves.” -me. Therefore NOT adding one… keeps you from ever reaching your full potential. 

Amaruy’s full potential is set on 750whp by the end of the year. But right now, it’s running 552whp. It is a daily after all. 😉

Text by Wooley     Photos by Jay Rodriguez

Engine / Trans 

k20z1 all sport CNC machined block 

Wiseco 11.1 flat-top turbo pistons 

Manley rods 

K20z3 head 

K20a2 cams

Ferrea 6000 valves 

bronze valve guides 

Supertech springs & retainers factory 

K20a2 6-speed transmission

Hush Performance hydro conversion kit

Hasport motor mounts 

Factory K20a2 shifter cables with a Ktuned billet shifter box 

Skunk2 intake & 70mm throttle body

1320 Sidewinder exhaust manifold 

Precision 6262 jb turbo

60mm wastegate 

2150cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors 

525lph Walbro Hellcat fuel pump

AEM stand alone ECU & CD7 carbon dash 

Custom Whi3tboy built milspec engine harness

Traction control & boost by gear

Turbo K20a2


JDM EF9 front-end conversion with factory lip 

Red carbon fiber hood 

EFB Motorsports headlight duct 

Shaved bay / wire tuck / brake line tuck / fuel line tuck 

Innovative traction bar 

Function and Form type-1 suspension w/ Swift springs 


JDM Del Sol confetti front seats, 

JBL shallow subs w/ custom trunk

Cusco 6-point bolt-in cage

Villiant steering wheel w/ NRG quick release

K swap

Wheels / Suspension / Brakes

1989 Work Ewing III (2nd gen) in 15×6.5 4×100 

Nitto Neo Gen tires in 205/50/15 

But lately – Amaury’s had JNC 014 wheels upfront in 15×8 with 225/50/15 Toyo R888Rs for more contact patch

EBC brakes

Innovative pro series traction bar 

Function and Form type-1 suspension w/ Swift springs 

Skunk2 spherical front LCAs

Custom steel front stabilizer arms to increase stability and minimize movement on my front LCAs

1-off front lower tie bar from LCA to LCA 

BWR rear billet LCAs & rear subframe brace 

2000 Integra rear ABS trailing arms 

Thanks To…

My girlfriend Andrea, my daughter Jianna, my brother Carlos, and my best friend Geoffrey 

1090 Garage family 


Skunk2 EF

big toho marina

hot wheels EF Civic