As much as things can potentially go WRONG when buying & building an import… things sometimes have the tendency to go right as well. And a lot of times, when things DO go our way, we take it for granted, let it go unnoticed… and don’t take enough time to bask in the win. And it’s unfortunate that we just kinda plow through life that way. Because we need to take a step back and celebrate our little victories. You don’t have to gather the tribe & dance around bonfires all night if you don’t want to, but you should do yourself a favor, and at least let it sink in. It will improve your attitude, and your outlook. It’s those little victories that give us the strength to keep pushing. That surge you feel when something goes right? …it’s a big part of why we do this. (to read the full article, see all the pics & the modlist – subscribe here)

Volk Wheels