Text: Josh Wilson // Photos: Watson Lu

Finding the right chassis, let alone the right specific individual car, can be quite the challenge. We tend to wander nomadically during our early years experimenting… with different chassis and styles… until we find the one that calls to our own unique personality. Out there searching for the perfect fit… developing as enthusiasts. For a car guy, it’s like searching for… and finding ‘yourself’.


Ten years ago, Igor Polishchuk bought his first E30. And what started as a love/hate relationship with BMW, has turned into a major part of Igor’s life. It eventually led him to open his own shop called CA Tuned, in California. And it’s also given him the passion, patience, and wisdom to build dozens of E30’s – giving each one a new lease on life. His soft-spot for saving neglected cars can be traced back to his father who had a shop of his own. In his younger years, Igor was always out back of the shop, wrenching on cars that had been left to waste. Tinkering, imagining, and dreaming – just for the sake of it. Igor was meant for the life of a dedicated car enthusiast. This staggeringly beautiful BMW 325 started off as a forgotten, nearly abandoned shell…


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