The Lexus GX 460 Luxury is one of the stronger global Toyota chassis that’s been designed, tweaked, and perfected to withstand everything the world throws at it. Known elsewhere as the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, it’s engineered in the interest of capability & longevity. And in North America, we’re privileged to have it come with a Lexus badge, luxurious amenities, and a V8. That’s the basic gist of it. How can you go wrong?

Compared to the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro we had a week earlier…

The Lexus GX has more ‘creature comforts’, but wasn’t necessarily ‘more comfortable’… if that makes any sense. It really just depends what you’re looking for. The Lexus has a 4.6 V8, so there’s a little bit more growl & bite. Specifically, the V8 has 301hp vs the 4Runner’s 270hp out of its 4-liter V6. But – the Lexus is also about 350lbs heavier, so the 30hp kind of washes out. It does, however, have more towing capacity at 6,500lbs. 

The GX 460 Luxury has 3rd row seating…

With nice captain’s chairs in the 2nd row (vs the 4Runner’s bench). And the Lexus GX 460 Luxury comes with more advanced suspension with adjustable air ride & anti-roll technology. But again, just because it’s more advanced, does not necessarily make it more capable than the TRD Pro. I honestly wouldn’t even say it necessarily rides better. It’s more of a matter of civility… and whether you’re leaning toward luxurious capability (Lexus), or rugged functionality (Toyota) in your next vehicle. 

Here’s the takeaway about the Lexus GX 460 Luxury:

It’s most likely gonna outlast everything in its segment/category. Most of the vehicles in its class are expensive to buy, expensive to own, and expensive to operate. Especially the European variants. Some of those vehicles perform impressively on pavement. But most of those vehicles are not particularly built with longevity in mind. I call most of them ‘lease cars.’ Lease them, look pretty for a few years, then dump ‘em before they eat you alive. The Lexus GX 460, however, is built with a different, longterm intent. It’s a body-on-frame design. Durability is the main focus. It will get you home. And yes, it will do so with an appropriate level of sophisticated comfort. Plus they’re fun to modify if that’s your cup of tea. 😉


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