Initial Impression…

I might not be the one to buy the Lexus IS350. But 10/10 would recommend to a friend or family member… who’s not quite as ‘off the deep end’ as I am when it comes to cars.

One Week Later…

I remember clearly, when the 1st-gen Lexus IS300 came out, their slogan was Sufficiently Radical.

…And that pretty much sums it up.

The car is the perfect amount of sports car, for people who want a nice sporty car… but don’t necessarily want to turn it into an obsessive lifestyle addiction.

The IS350 is equal portions sport, sophistication, and comfort. And that’s a tough recipe to get right. Plus, I’d put my money on the IS350 being the most reliable, least costly car in its segment over the long haul.

I like the IS350 a whole lot. But my wife… LOVES it!! The thing brings out her inner Letty. She wasn’t willing to sell her TRD Pro 4Runner, but she was seriously ready to get the IS350 as a 2nd car. She started trying to quantify/justify why she needed both cars… like one of my car buddies would do haha.

The IS350 is fast. Maybe not blistering fast. But with AWD & 300hp, it’s fast enough & engaging enough to get your attention for sure. 0-60 in 6 seconds. If you want blistering fast… cough up the dough & get the IS-F.

The IS350 automatic transmission is about as good as an automatic gets (in Sport Mode). And the seats/steering/suspension are incredibly supportive, calming, and comfortable. I’d put Lexus interiors up against just about anyone, when it comes to well thought-out comfort & quality.

The lines of the IS are pretty great… and they sink in & get better the more you gaze at it. In fact, I feel like the some of the great design gets a little muffled-out in all the boring, drab black/gray color choices. I wish they’d bring back the yellow & red! But see – that’s just me, and I don’t think I’m quuuite the Lexus target-customer here in 2018. And I’m ok with that. I simply appreciate the fact that Lexus is connecting drivers, like my wife, to their inner race car driver with this car. Let’s keep that alive!