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We’re living in such a weird time. A time where authenticity has gone out the window. And a time where people don’t care if they’re being lied to… so long as it’s what they want to hear. Let that sink in as I introduce the Lexus UX250h F Sport. 

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The Lexus UX250H F Sport lies to you…. 

In reality, the Lexus UX 250h F Sport is a compact-crossover hybrid with a CVT transmission. But from inside the cabin… here’s how it sounds when you hit the gas (see video below). 

It’s truly unbelievable how fake it is… 

I’ve driven cars that pump synthetic sound into the cabin to enhance & embellish the driving experience. And it’s all wack. But I’ve never seen the lie taken quite to this level lol. CVT transmissions like the one in this UX, don’t even have gears. They don’t actually shift. They’re… like a scooter. When you hit the gas, CVT transmissions just kind of go RWEEEEEEEEEEEEE. So NONE of those performance sounds & shift points you’re hearing in the Lexus UX250 F Sport… are actually happening in real life. None of it. Shoot they may as well let you change the sounds on a ‘Lexus App’ or something. You could make it sound like a bubble-powered car if you want to. And that would probably be more appropriate lol

Seriously, my heart is heavy for the poor/excited soul who works hard & buys this car because they think it’s fancy but also a little spicy… only to find out later that it’s all entirely fake news. Driving the Lexus UX250h F Sport is like following a GTI with an aftermarket exhaust. You hear the sounds… but you aren’t making them lol. 

Lexus UX250h F Sport hybrid

I like the Lexus brand, but I gotta say…

I don’t fully understand what’s happening here with the UX 250h F Sport. It’s like Lexus is using this entry-level UX to see where ‘the line’ is for the next generation. And see how much customers will actually embrace the lie. 

But you can’t have it all folks… not authentically at least. Sorry – but that’s the truth. If you desire more performance & driving engagement? It’s likely gonna cost some efficiency. And if you desire total efficiency, you should likely brace yourself for a snooze of a ride. These are the rules of nature, and they don’t change with EVs either: performance comes at a cost in range. Now – good auto manufacturers (Toyota/Lexus being one of them) can find ways to give you BOTH efficiency AND authentic driving spirit in one package. I guess ultimately, it’s up to you to decide where you’re gonna draw the line on your own self respect. 

CVT transmission

Lexus UX dash

All that being said… ok… I didn’t totally hate the UX250H F Sport. 

I hate the fact that there’s a market for imitations. And, I hate that new cars have become this simulated & castrated. But behind the wheel of a UX250h F Sport, with really dark-tinted windows so no one can see me… I’ll admit that it’s not entirely awful. The fake sounds are weirdly, mildly amusing. Kinda like that scene in Tommy Boy where The Carpenters come on the radio but they don’t change the station (IYKYK). Yes – this whole car is kinda dumb with a high trunk & not much usable space… or fun factor… or appealing looks. But I guess you can’t argue with the efficiency of almost 35-40mpgs, all-wheel-drive, a super-tight turning radius, and a 10-gallon cheap-to-fill gas tank. You caaaaan however, probably argue with the fact that they tried to make it sound like an RC-F. It’s like a clown trying to convince you he just stole your nose. 

All wheel drive

simulated engine noise

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