Stupid Americans have stupid cars these days that are too big for them. And they come with dumb stupid trinkets… like a backup camera for example. Your new SUV has a backup camera? That’s so cool. This Miata only comes with an owner who knows how to f*cking drive and look behind him.Your new SUV comes with a package that includes navigation. Well this Miata comes factory with a smart driver that knows where the f*ck he is. Because he drove there – see? It’s a really cool new technology – where you look at the things around you, and then you remember them….

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OEM Hardtop
R-Package Front Lip
R-Package Rear Lip
Tuckin’ 99/Mazdaspeed N2-Style Flares
Autokonexion v2.0 Fiberglass Trunk
Garage Vary Rear Tail-Lights
Project G-Wing Hardtop Spoiler
H4 HL Conversion 6k HID’s

Hard Dog M1 Hard Core Double-Diagonal Rollbar to fit Hardtops
Authentic Nardi “Wood-grain” Steering Wheel
3″ White Delrin Shift-knob
Garage Star 2.75″ Shift-knob Extension
Garage Star Hardtop Brackets
Mazdaspeed Pedals + Dead Pedal
OEM Mazda Miata Floor Mats
Pioneer CD-player with iPod Aux

Original Stock 1.6L
1.8 Torsen LSD (4.1:1) + rear end
RoadsterTuner Motor Mounts (raised motor ~1/2″-3/4″ above subframe)
A/C removed, heater core still in place, Power-steering, & cruise control
Power-steering Oil Cooler
SPEC Stage3 Clutch
SPEC Lightweight Flywheel
Steeda Short-Shifter
Godspeed Radiator
Garage Star Radiator Cooling Plate
Garage Star Wiper Cowl
Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
RSR ExMag GTII Exhaust
Magnaflow High-Flow Cat
Racing Beat Intake Elbow
K&N Intake Air Filter

Vintage Progressive Gen-II, 15×8.5j -45/-50et (175/55/15) – Speedware Adaptec Adapters, 4×100 >
5×139.7 (20mm/25mm)
Megan Street-Series Coilovers (10k/8k)
Racing Beat Front/Rear Swaybars
Racing Beat Swaybar Endlinks
’01 Heavy Duty Shock Tower Brace
MOSS Sub-frame Braces
Megan Racing Outer Tie Rod Ends
Superpro P/S Rack Bushings
Modded RUCA’s
(Rear arms) Powdercoated ‘Safety Orange’ with…
Energy Suspension Bushings and metal zerk fittings

Big and major shout-outs to my family for all the love and support; My boys in “Jock Me Crew”; SAMPLE clothing (, the Slamburglars… and my mini-project called “The Weekend Warriors”. I have to say this to all the readers… Never Give Up! That’s what I always tell myself; that’s what I live for. No matter how many people put you down, how many people think you won’t make it, or how many people don’t believe in you… you can do anything you put your mind to. Just never give up.

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