Our project lifted Civic looks like a squatted truck right now.

That’s because we have FINALLY finished the front end lift kit thanks to this week’s sponsor, TruHart. They have provided us with a set of front upper arms, which work GREAT with our existing lift components. While they are intended for use with lowered cars, a lot of lifted Honda folks use them. The build quality on the arms are fantastic & we can’t wait to get everything aligned once the project is finished. Thanks again to TruHart for sponsoring our build.

TruHart Arms

The rest of the front lift kit is on!

This makes the car 6″ taller in the front thanks to HRG Engineering’s beast 6″ lift kit. All of the factory suspension geometry remains relatively in tact. We pulled the car out of the garage to see it in the daylight for the first time in about a month. All we can say is, “wow.” What a difference this is going to be. We mocked up one of the 29″ tires from Slightly Mangled‘s Gambler Civic and put it next to our car. Needless to say, there will be a LOT of cutting to get them to fit.

Honda Civic 29" Tires

Next Steps:

We will be mocking up the engine over the next 2 weeks to see how much subframe modification will be required. Basically, the way the rack sits on the subframe, the AWD components might not clear 100%. Some cutting may be required. The worst case scenario is replacing it with an EG Civic subframe, which will allow for much more clearance due to a slightly different location. Once the engine is installed and running correctly, we will test drive it and prepare for rear end assembly.

Extended Civic Spindles

Check out this week’s video here!

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles

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