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We’re back!

In January of this year, we dropped the AWD Civic off at a friends shop for some engine & transmission work. This was due to the car not wanting to idle and run properly. Everything was going smooth, until it wasn’t. I got a phone call early one morning saying that the car had been involved in a hit and run in their parking lot.

T Boned Civic

Yes, in their parking lot. No, I could not believe it. After police got involved, we were able to determine who did it, and they paid in full for all damages caused without us having to press charges. Still, a wild way to progress. No suspension damage to report, although it looks like it in the photos. Trust us, it’s supposed to look like that temporarily. But a new door and fender later, the car was back to us running better… but still not driving.

6" Lifted Civic

What gives? It has reverse, neutral and park – but drive is pitching a fit. It’s there, but all you do is rev the engine and the car really does not go anywhere. again, it will in reverse just fine. It’s like the car is in limp mode or something. We’ll get that sorted or find someone to do it for us.

S1Built Tie Bar

The good news is that we are back into the full swing of things over at Slightly Mangled. The rear lift kit has been installed for the most part. We are just waiting on the development of a rear diff bracket to tie it all together. It’s looking more and more like an off roader every day! Stay tuned for more.

HRG Strut Spacer Civic

In the meantime, here’s a YouTube recap!

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Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles