Today is a BIG day!

Our friends over at Prentice Performance Imports are sponsoring our lifted Civic build! If you are subscribed to our magazine, you might remember an article I wrote about them in this past issue. They offer a HUGE selection of imported JDM cars in stock, here in the USA. Their pricing is some of the most competitive around, and they have a wide variety of models available. From Supras & Skylines to Honda Beats & Suzuki Cappuccino’s, they have just about everything! If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a unique JDM import, be sure to check out Prentice Performance Imports. They can be found here on FacebookInstagram & YouTube. To John, Vinny, PJ & the rest of the PPI team – we sincerely thank you for your support.

Prentice Performance Imports

Ok, now back to our weekly update!

This week has been all about parts accumulation. We received a TON of parts for the swap this week, but are still waiting on a few more. Basically, at this point, the parts we still need will ensure the swap works as easy as possible. There are also companion parts we are waiting on that work with parts we already have. There will be MANY more sponsors announced soon – but we are waiting on some additional parts to come in first before we announce them. So, be sure to check back to the site weekly!

Honda Civic Light Bar

MORE new seats!

Last week, Jake over at Slightly Mangled gave me a rear seat setup from an old EK Civic coupe. This week, I picked up a set of FG2 Civic Si front seats. We lucked out as they were in pretty much immaculate shape, minus one rip in the back of the passenger seat. Apart from that, the bolsters are perfect, as well as the fabric. EVERY other local listing I have looked at over the past 2 weeks has had bolster issues. Shout out to Josh for the great deal on these!

FG2 Si Seats in EK

Yet another interior cleaning…

Upon installing the new front seats, I noticed the carpet still was not up to my standards. So, I pulled out the hot water extractor for something like the third time and went to work. Even after 2 FULL interior details, it was still extracting dirt & stains. However, after thoroughly drying out the carpets this time, I feel like I am 100% done with the cleaning part. Our next steps will be to prep some of the new interior bits and dye them a darker color to match, as well as replace the headliner. There are several parts on the way for the interior, can’t wait to install them!

In the meantime, you guys should go check out this week’s video over on our YouTube channel by watching below. Thanks again for your support!

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles