BIG news, everyone!

I’d like to officially announce that our friends over at HRG Engineering are sponsoring our lifted Civic build! HRG is the source for anything Honda related when it comes to lift kits & components. They have refined & developed parts for years now, and the kit they are making for us is 100% custom. We will be featuring HRG Engineering in more upcoming episodes, so be sure to stay tuned to the build as we progress into things. Thanks again to Ben & his team over at HRG for being so on board with this project, we can’t thank you guys enough.

Now, let’s get into this week’s updates!

We received a set of extended spindles from HRG for the Civic this week. I had to purchase a pair of bearings locally & went to get them pressed in. I also purchased some pretty sweet hubs to be pressed in as well. Once we arrived at our friends shop to have everything pressed, we realized we forgot the C-clips to retain the bearings. So we ended up just getting the bearings pressed into the hubs for the time being. As I’m writing this, Jake over at Slightly Mangled is making sure that gets taken care of so we can start mocking up some suspension components.

Seats are DONE!

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a pair of FG2 Civic Si front seats. I didn’t like the red stitching in the seats, so I decided to change that. I asked around for options on turning the stitching to black. Our very own Wooley recommended SEM Products Color Coat fabric paint. After 2 days of prep and paint, the seats are now done… and they look phenomenal. Both Jake and I went into the whole thing a bit skeptical, but the results speak for themselves.

So, what’s next?

HRG has some critical components in the works currently. Once we receive those parts, the engine swap will officially begin! We have received a lot of key parts of the swap in the past couple weeks. In the meantime, I purchased some SEM trim paint to use on some faded interior parts. I’ll get started on that this upcoming week and hopefully start on the old, crusty headliner. I’m excited to get this car looking more like the final product here in the next few weeks. Jake will be focusing on the mechanical side of things, I’ll be focusing on aesthetics, fit & finish.

Check out this week’s video to learn more:

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles

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