This week, we are taking a step back to look at the Slightly Mangled Garage:

As we await parts to begin our subframe drop, I decided to do a little behind the scenes over at the Slightly Mangled shop. The owner of the shop, Jake, is the mastermind behind anything mechanical on this build. He’s built some amazing cars of his own and I wanted to showcase them, as well as the shop itself.

Slightly Mangled Garage

What happens next?

We have a few more parts that are confirmed & incoming in the next week’s time. These parts are key to progressing on the build. Once we have them in, we can begin both the lift kit in the front & engine swap. I can’t wait!

Lifted Civic Slightly Mangled

What have we done in the meantime?

Jake started prepping the subframe for the drop kit we have on the way. We also disconnected the steering mechanism which has to be extended. Basically, we wanted to have everything ready to go when the parts come in so we can make quick progress on the car.

Project Lifted Civic Stock

Lastly, this week’s sponsor:

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to my friends over at Soddy Daisy Speed Shop right here in my home town. They have graciously sponsored our build & I cannot thank them enough. Their support will help us take the project Civic to new heights! They do everything from classic engine swaps all the way to window tinting. If you need some help on a classic, antique or hot rod, be sure to give them a call – and tell em I sent ya!

I’ll end this weeks article with a link to the shop tour video, I hope you enjoy & thanks for tuning in!

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles


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