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Today is a VERY big day!

I’d like to give a huge thank you to this week’s sponsor – Hasport Performance! They are the worlds #1 source of Honda & Acura swap mounts, kits & components. Whether you are wanting to put a B-Series in your Civic like we’re doing, or if you want to K-swap your CRX, Hasport can get you taken care of. You can even spec-out your kit down to the hardness of the urethane. Since the inception of this project, Hasport has been such a cheerleader for our build. We cannot thank them enough for supplying our build with these amazing mounts. The quality is beyond top notch – absolute perfection! To the entire team over at Hasport, thank you so much! We are looking forward to having this engine running very soon thanks to your help.

Hasport B Series Mount

Test fitting the engine…

Over at the Slightly Mangled garage, we had an incredibly successful week. We started by doing some math for the extended hardware that came with our HRG Engineering subframe drop kit. Once we got everything sorted, we shifted our attention over to the B-series engine & trans. We realized very quickly that we would be unable to drop the drivetrain in from up top. Once that realization was made, we planned to lift the engine from underneath, and slide-on the mounts from there. Our plan worked without much fighting & we were able to test fit the motor using 2 of the mounts supplied by Hasport.

B Series Civic Swap

It fits… no cutting required!

Jake and I had read online through several Honda forums that stated the frame rail would have to be modified to fit the engine & transmission. Some threads even stated that the subframe would need to be modified in order to allow driveshaft clearance. We are happy to announce that this was NOT the case for us! After doing additional math once everything was mounted, we realized had we not installed the subframe drop kit, we would more than likely have a frame interference issue. The 3″ subframe drop kit from HRG allowed for the edge of the transmission case to sit just about 1.5″ away from the passenger side frame rail. We can definitely see now where folks said you would have to modify the frame, or it would not work at all. And we will definitely take that win!

B Series Installed In EK Civic

What’s next?

We want to get the front-part of the drivetrain installed the rest of the way & make sure it all works before assembling the rear-end components. Belts, hoses, fluids, etc. to be installed at a later date. However, we are starting to see huge progress and I can’t wait to get it fired up for the first time. Again, we would like to thank our sponsors on the build so far. We still have a couple more to announce very soon – we are steadily working towards those episodes! And thank you all for taking the time to read these weekly updates, please know that I appreciate it personally.

Text, Photos & Video by Ben Battles