Hey you! Are you fed up with rules & regulations? Sick of all these road signs telling you what you can’t do? Tired of being surrounded by dimwits, hipsters, wokesters… and Dollar Generals with their offensive yellow bags?

The problem isn’t you. It’s them…

lifted impreza

See – we were meant to be free.

It’s in our DNA to be wild, not caged. To explore. And the dumbness that we’re seeing in people all around us… it’s the result of being too caged, boxed in, brainwashed, and beaten down. Literally – America was born out of a common shared mindset of “Hey Jack… F*CK YOUR RULES!” Am I right?

lifted Impreza wagon

But look at us now.

We haven’t known freedom since the 20th century. The cities & ceilings are closing in on us. So are the rules & mandates… the regulations… and the warning labels. All of them ‘For Our Safety’ of course. It’s turning us into a bunch of manginas who just can’t wait to be regulated more like some icky S&M masochists. 

lifted WRX

But that doesn’t have to be you pal.

Take that gag out of your mouth… because there’s still a lot of WILD out there to be experienced. You’re just not gonna find it in that Target parking lot with your mamby pamby EV crossover named after a national park or some shit. 

rally Impreza

That’s what Jimmy Crook did.

He sacked-up & bought a Subaru! There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d say. 

But that’s what he did. 12 years ago, Jimmy moved out the the desert to chase his dreams. He had enough money saved up for a shithole apartment & a shitbox car. The car he bought, ended up being a GC Subaru Impreza. Not this one; nah he destroyed that one years ago. But that original Subaru impulse-buy started a crazy little love affair with ramping Subarus in the desert. And over time, Jimmy’s gotten pretty good at it. 

KC lights

Desert cities are built differently.

Out in the desert, you come to the edge of town… and you’ve got a choice. Turn right, and it’s 45mph back to civilization. Or turn left… and it’s nothing but a vague dusty trail to The Wild West. True freedom. 

Lifted impreza

It’s the freedom to go wherever you want, AS FAST as you want.

The freedom of potential danger, and the freedom to overcome it. Freedom to yell, to be loud… and then to humble yourself & soak it all in. The freedom to live free range. 

Reika wheels

This lifted Impreza Wagon is a good tool for the desert.

It’s got AWD, a manual transmission, & enough ground clearance to skate across the rubble at speed. Yeah duh – it’s not as capable as a fully built off-road/overland rig. But it’s ALSO not a weighted-down pack mule. Part of ‘the thrill’ is feeling what’s under you. And in that aspect, these Subarus have a ton of spirit & agility. 

If you like cars, and you’re feeling caged-in, consider using a car as a tool to break free.

Text by Wooley   //   Photos by Jimmy Crook

subaru offroad



overland subaru

Project Wagon V2  //  2001 Subaru Impreza 


2004 Subaru Forester suspension

King springs

Reika Teton R20 wheels in 15×7

General Grabber tires 215/75/15 

6651 Customs powdercoated wheels & bumpers

KC HiLiGHTS front light pods

Nilight rock lights, front and rear bars, whip

Anderson Design Fabrication trailing arm spacers 

MF Spec front & rear custom tube bumpers 

Auxbeam switch board 

BADinfluence green window tint 

JDM WRC titanium shift knob

Aerowolf mirror visors

Maintained at Kaiju Motorsports

Coming soon…

Dual-range transfer case from an 87 GL 

Rear window Louvers 

Rock sliders 

las Vegas off-road


Import Alliance car show