So I went to valet cars Friday night for Alex Farrington: he’s a boosted NSX driver, and the owner of Prestige Valet in Metro-Atlanta.  Anyway – the valet gig was at a swanky private Christmas party . . . and look at what rolls up. I almost sh*t an egg. I have never valeted before; this was my first night; and this was only the second car to pull up. The first was a Cadillac XLR, and I got stuck in the damn thing . . . because it has those electronic door handles like the Z06. Only I didn’t know it and it was dark (tinted windows at night) and I couldn’t find the door handle and I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the interior light. I thought to myself, “Shit this is getting embarrassing.” . . . but then I figured it out.

Anyway – then the Bugatti pulled up and I thought, “You’ve got to be fugging kidding me.” It even came with its own guard: a man with a shaved head in a black suit with sunglasses and an earpiece. He stood there by the car all night. It’s nice to see people with that kind of money . . . actually spend it on things so relevant to my interests.