The 2018 Mustang GT comes with an optional manual transmission, thank you Ford. At Mantic Clutch USA, we are excited to continue the muscle car era and produce a better MT-82 clutch. To us, the manual trans brings a classic muscle car appeal to the direct injected 5.0L engine and truly makes a unique and more pleasurable driving experience. For some people stock is ok, but when you want to add more power, we have the clutch solution you need to replace the wimpy factory unit.



Our Mantic 9000 series twin disc clutch is a huge upgrade over the heavy dual mass setup coming out of the factory. The stock Ford unit is just not good for serious performance. With better materials, stronger and lighter components, our Mantic USA Clutch can now hold up 1010 ft-lbs of torque at the crank and yet still drive like stock. Perfect for any supercharger, turbo, nitrous or heavy duty N/A builds.

One challenge to the 2018 Mustang clutch is that the transmission now pilots in the flywheel and not the crank like the previous S550/S197 Mustangs. Our engineering staff jumped on the new build quickly to meet the upcoming demand for a stronger more durable clutch. With the help of the performance gurus at Petty’s Garage, we were able to verify fitment and use them as testing platform. These guys know horsepower, so it was a perfect fit and so was our clutch!!


Now for the details! Using a solid chunk of 6061 billet aluminum, we were able to CNC machine a beautiful and lightweight flywheel that would hold up to the extra power and handle the high rpm of the 5.0L engine.


For the 2018 Mustang GT twin disc, we offer two types of friction materials. The Part No. M924252 organic clutch, hold 600 ft-lbs at the crank and is a great OE replacement with mild performance upgrades. The  Part No. M921252 with ceremetalic friction material, holds 1000 ft-lbs at the crank and is perfect for higher horsepower applications. Both kits offer excellent driveability, with a light pedal effort, suitable for daily driving or track days.


Our famous red anodized clutch cover is also made from 6061 billet aluminum and is one of the main components that give our Mantic 9000 series clutches that unique driving experience. Stronger and lighter than the average stamped steel cover, the billet aluminum cover allows less deflection between the fingers at the pivot point. This allows the clutch to feel more consistent at higher rpms, keeping pedal effort light and yet hold all the power. Did we mention less weight??




The common theme for our design is to replace the stock oem clutch with a lighter more durable unit that gives the driver a great feel for any type of usage. Better build components that are CNC machined and not stamped.

Oh yeah, we ship our clutches in this cool James Bond style case!!


Release of the 2018 Mustang GT high performance clutch assembly is scheduled for early September. Read more info on our 2011-2018 Mustang page.


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by Geoff Gerko