Ok shoot. I’m gonna try to keep this Type-R introduction short & sweet side in print. BUT – every part of this Type-R is being filmed for Youtube in a documentary/reality style… so I’d really love for y’all to check it out on Youtube (Channel: S3 Magazine). Video is pretty new to us, so please let us know what you think, and/or what kinda stuff you’d like to see. If you like it, PLEASE tell a friend. And PLEASE subscribe, etc. 

Anyway here’s the lead in: S3 Mag & Motovicity Distribution have always been kindred spirits in a lot of ways. We both really care about the culture & its well being… beyond our own personal benefits. We both really strive to be honest & transparent. We count our successes based on how we impact people… not necessarily how many people we impact. We don’t f*cking influence… but we DO try to inspire. And uhhh… we both believe that the people of this culture are cool as hell, and that if cool people all get together & hang out long enough & let their guard down and have FUN… then cool shit will naturally trigger. And good things will happen. 


So long story short, Brian from Moto hit us up in March & said, “Yo I had a nuts last minute idea I wanted to run by you. Let’s pull our resources, build-up a race car, and take it out to some events this year… y’all drive it.” I said, “Hell I love it! But you should probably know… we’re not professional race car drivers… and damn if we’re being honest, we’re not that good of race car builders either (loooool awkwardly). Brian said, “I know… that’s what could make it so good.” Then he went on to say… “Look man, if we wanted to sponsor a race team & get our decal on a race car, we’d do that. But I figure it’d be more fun to roll the dice a little with you guys, and see what happens, ya know?” 

Then I started getting energized as ideas & soapbox irritations began to flow. I opened my big fat mouth & said, “Man if we’re gonna do it, I really wanna do it for real. Drive the car to all the events. Road-trip it; no trailers! Because trailering you car is like living the car culture… with 2 condoms on. 

We’re wanna do this old school, and drive the damn car to the damn track… the way our ancestors did it! Not live-streaming from the passenger-seat of an F250 hauling a Honda. What kind of real housewives shit is that? Personally, I’ve NEVER outgrown the notion that we should all be driving our race cars on the street everyday. If you don’t drive your car on the street… then you’ve built a car that’s more man than you. And I know it’s real hard to get noticed in the car community with a 370hp import these days. I get it. But in my opinion, that’s the damn problem!! This tuner scene has gotten FULL of super-fast cars that are super-uninspiring. Fact. We’ve passed the sweet spot. Social media has made us all numbed-out car-porn addicts. That’s not WTF I fell in love with when I fell in love with the import culture. You? 

Buy the time it was officially game-on, we only had 3 weeks before the first event…