From Andy Sapp:

This video is collaboration between myself, and Will Roegge. Will shot all of the footage last November at a secret invite-only event in Nashville. His amazing edit STILL ranks as the most viewed drifting video on Vimeo. I wanted to try and focus on a different aspect of drifting with this video. I wanted to peer into what really makes events like this so special: the people.

The DriftMechaniks crew has an amazingly strong bond. It may sound cliché – but we are a family. Truth be told… it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing – we have the best of times when we are all together. That is what I wanted to explore with this video: the family and friendship we share at these events. If you take that camaraderie away… then well… it’s just… drifting.

BIG thanks to Mr. Roegge for flexing his creative genius behind the lens, and allowing me the privilege to work with the footage!

Hopefully you enjoy this look at what I feel is a more intimate side of this crazy sport.
If not… please return to taking drifting way too serious and continue not having any fun. EVER.

ACT clutch