Speed: some of us are obsessed with it. Addicted to it. And we’ll scratch that itch any way we can. It’s the feeling of diving into a turn, executing the apex, and coming out of the corner while laying into the throttle… already set up for the next bend. It’s the way it razor-sharpens our senses… and yet calms us at the same time. Our heartbeat speeds up and slows down almost simultaneously. We are in a flow… in the hunt. We don’t see what’s going by us… only what lies ahead. We have slid into the rhythm of instinct. So close to the edge, yet still in control. In one way it’s completely chaotic and dangerous. But in another way – it’s totally soothing and peaceful. And it’s a feeling that never gets dull… we’re never over it, or bored with it. It’s almost like – we need this, in order to stay sane in the world. Our therapy. Like a surfer just needs to be out there in the ocean… even if the waves are nowhere to be found. This is how we recharge, it’s how we prioritize, it’s how we meditate.
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