MXP exhaust

Z33s get used & abused in car culture these days…

In the drift sector, the Nissan 350Z is the new 240sx. In the show sector… 350Zs have been stanced/slammed pretty much past the point of coherence. They’ve been a dime-a-dozen for the last 10 years basically. All of which makes you start to see the Z33 chassis through certain lenses, filters, & stereotypes. But seriously… take off the dark shades, and you’ll start to see the true light within the Nissan 350z. It’s got the ingredients. 

Boosted Performance 350z

And I think when we look at the modern sports car trends…

It’s starting to redefine the decade+ old Z chassis. Because new 2-seater-type sports cars have become a critically endangered species. And when you do find them, they’ve got flappy-paddles… which is about as cool as a yellow toenail. 

Nismo 350z

Hoping I’m wrong here…

But I think the 350z/370z/S2000 (and the earlier 986 Boxsters) are perhaps gonna close-out the chapter/era where sports cars were dead-on… a sport. My fingers are crossed & I’m hopeful that the 400Z carries it on. I don’t need to go into what’s obvious, but there’s a lot more to creating a great sports car than just being wicked fast. They have to come to life. Real sports cars need to rattle all your senses. They need a flow & a rhythm. A sound & a song. There needs to be a synergy & connection with the driver. A lot of these 2021 point-n-shoot sports cars are like the dude who gets on your nerves in the car flipping to the next song/track every 3 seconds… never settling in & letting something play through.

350Z coilovers

Over the next decade…

I think we’ll see a growing appreciation for, and a purity in a clean, period-correct, & well modified Z33. Like this 2007 NISMO 350z… owned by Chris Thiphavong in Nashville. 

Text by Wooley     Photos by Taylor Galster

350z TE37 Saga


VQ35 HR (7,500rpm) engine with Boosted Performance single turbo kit & Comp 6467 turbo, making 550whp & 480wtq.

boosted 350z










Volk TE37 Saga wheels: 18×9.5 +22 front & 18×10.5 +24 rear.

350Z 18x10.5









Toyo R888R tires: 275/35 front & 305/35 rear.

Toyo R888R









Matchless Crowd Racing (MCR) hood & canards.

MCR hood 350Z









Stance coilovers with Swift springs.

clean 350Z







Coolerworx short shifter

coolerworx short shifter 350Z









Recaro seats from Nissan Juke Nismo

Nissan Juke Nismo seats 350z


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