Nissan Pulsar GTIR


If you looked at every JDM junkie’s dream car wish list, chances are you’d see a collection of the usual suspects – Skylines, Silvias, Evo XIs, etc. The power hitters. These are the double-D, fake titties of the JDM tuner world. You know you’re probably never gonna get to touch one… but hell, it never hurts to dream right?

So what about the guy who likes a modest B-cup? Something like the girl next door, who takes kickboxing lessons?

Enter the Nissan Pulsar GTi-R. SR20DET, all-wheel drive, 2-door hatchback, ricebox. It’s almost like a Subaru Forester before it tacked on its freshman 15, or a Civic hatch on mega-roids. It’s a nimble, odd, inconspicuous little car, that’s full of power potential.

Pulsar GTIR


The current owner Kevin picked up this piece of obscure JDM contraband from Craigslist, with full intentions of using it as a daily driver. And he does just that.

Kevin works at Enjuku Racing, and also runs in the Formula Drift Pro 2 Championship. So the prospect of dailying a 300+ awhp rarity is nothing out of the ordinary considering the lifestyle.

“My most favorite part of the car hands-down: is the look on people’s faces when they pull up next to it thinking it’s just an old Civic or GTI… then I catch ‘em at a light and blow their doors off out of the hole,” says Kevin.

Enjuku sr20


This GTi-R is the true sleeper spirit. It leaves it’s opponents flabbergasted; bumbling, trying to figure out what just happened… as the unfamiliar taillights throw its hazards on the de-accel from banging gears. It’s like an alien encounter. No one will believe you if you tried to explain, and you couldn’t explain even if you wanted to because you have no idea what the heck just spanked you so hard. It’s the car behind enemy lines; an insurgent; the stealthy sleeper.


CP Pistons 8.9:1 compression, ACL race bearings, ARP head, main, rod bolts, Cometic head gasket, Brian Crower dual valve springs and Ti retainers, Garrett GTX2860r Turbo with .63 ar, Tial MVS external wastegate, Synapse Syncronic BOV, Deatschewerks 800cc injectors, Z32 Maf, Vibrant Performance custom 3” exhaust, Mishimoto Radiator (modified to triple pass)


Competition Clutch stage-2, Ksport coilovers, Whiteline front control arm bushings, anti-lift rear bushing, Whiteline Front sway bar, Circuit Sports front sway bar end links, Volk TE37 Superlap wheels 15×8 +25, Bridgestone Potenza RE11 tires 205/50/15


USDM Nissan NX1600 digital cluster, AEM Uego wide- band, AEM Trueboost boost controller, Nismo shift knob

ACT clutch