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The NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) is lobbying to get alcohol detectors installed into every car. This is regardless of whether or not you have a DUI conviction, or whether or not you even drink at all. With modern automotive technology, sensors can now read the BAC on you skin & disable your car from starting. It’s a real bad idea to drink & drive. Of course it is! But it is ALSO a real bad idea to allow government to overstep & invade your privacy. That’s why in America driving is a privilege not a right. And there should be (actual legitimate) tests for a driver’s driving capability, judgement ability, AND overall intelligence level. Not just sensors & mandates that put us in cages while increasing the costs & complications of vehicles. 

But that’s just the tip of the big-brother iceberg with the NTSB.

Because the NTSB is also using modern automotive technology to target speeding. They’re saying that regulations need to be made “to adopt intelligent speed adaptation systems that would prevent speed-related crashes.” In layman’s terms, what does that mean? Well there are already sensors in many new cars that recognize speed limit signs & display that speed limit on the dash (or on a heads-up display) to notify the driver of the posted limit. It’s a handy reminder… but it also still allows the driver have ultimate control. But now – our government would only need to take it one step further (or hide it in some other bill)… and vehicles would be bound to not exceed that posted limit at any time. In other words, your car would not allow you to speed. Or maybe… it would just notify the county & your insurance company when you did. Think about that.

To reemphasize here – there is NO talk of creating more INTELLIGENT & CAPABLE DRIVERS! Just talk of creating more oppressive tech that will regulated into law to protect people from themselves. Tech & laws of this sort oppress intelligent people, while enabling incapable people to be more incapable. Here it is straight from the NTSB: “We need to implement the technologies we have right here, right now to save lives.” 

Ahhhh yep there it is: The obligatory ‘For your safety’

Listen up because it needs to be said – voting has real consequences in this country. A lot of people get baited & end up voting on a single issue that gets them hot… like BLM, LGBTQ rights, 2nd Amendment, abortion, Covid, student loan forgiveness, inflation, etc. And those are all real issues! But so is FREEDOM! Left, right… those just exist to make you ‘pick a side’. When the side is freedom. Look around – our freedom is getting suffocated these days. Death by a thousand cuts. When you start trading freedom for safety… it’s starts a domino effect that’s very difficult to reverse. It creates disgruntled citizens/patriots. And by the way, all those other hot topics? They have a way of ceasing to exist without freedom. 

*To put your mind at slight ease, the NTSB does not have the power to make laws. But they can darn sure influence & manipulate the people who do. 


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