Well it’s official, the whole West Coast is stupid except for Danny Check & like 50 other people. Oregon is following California & Washington’s legislation to make all new cars & light truck sales electric by 2035. Washington actually upped the ante, and set themselves a 2030 deadline. Ok, so between 2030-2035, the entire West Coast will force all new car sales to be at least some form of electric (plug-ins count). That’s the plot. It’s gets better though, because they literally say that they’re doing it for the poor people.

“With today’s adoption of the ACC II Rule, all those living in Oregon will benefit from the cleaner air and improved public health outcomes achieved by reducing pollution from transportation. … This is especially true for low-income and underrepresented communities across the state who live closest to roadways and have been most often impacted by poor air quality.” -Leah Feldon

I will thoroughly enjoy watching the politicians of these states creatively walk this back & point the finger over the next decade as it implodes in their faces. And they realize all the unforeseen problems that they would have foreseen if they’d just STFU for a second, listen to all the professionals, and proceed with calm intelligence > political pandering and overregulation.

Here are some quick examples of the unforeseen problems that many of us can clearly see:

The falsehood of 7,000lb EVs being any sort of ‘green’. Charging infrastructure, the electrical grid, and the cost of developing both. Which will quickly lead to increased taxes and/or inflation. And stack on that – the substantially increased cost of new electric vehicles, now with less usability. Making life harder on low-income communities, while simultaneously saying that you’re doing it for low-income communities. Tailpipe emissions will be moved out of the West Coast… straight to 3rd World countries… along with more corruption, horrible working conditions, and deforestation. And global/political/corporate competition to control those EV minerals & resources will lead to military conflicts. BUT – West Coast vehicles will get little stickers for their bumpers that say ‘zero-emission vehicle’… so they can all pat themselves on the back for that, while self-righteously denouncing the wars they set the stage for.

Car and Driver – Here’s How Oregon Will Phase Out Gas Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

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