Here’s our 2-cents on the whole Chelsea Denofa vs Stuke drama from Formula D New Jersey. Personally – I LOVE the fact that Chelsea went off. And I DON’T think he owes anyone an apology… if he doesn’t mean it. Now let me be clear: I don’t have a dog in this fight, I wasn’t in the driver’s seat, and I’m not taking sides. But if you’re not up on the situation, it basically went down like this.

Chelsea Denofa had a missing hood pin, causing the front/right corner of his hood to flop around a little bit on his run with Stuke. The Stuke team protested Chelsea’s win, saying that the flopping hood was a distraction. Again – not taking sides, but also not sure how you can protest that a flopping hood was a distraction when your whole damn bumper flew off. FD called a redo of the run in protest, where Chelsea won & Stuke hit the wall. Chelsea ended up confronting the Stuke team in the pits, calling them pussies amongst other things. Here, see for yourself…

Now I know the proper thing to say is…

Chelsea Denofa should have taken the high road & addressed the situation behind closed doors. That he drives for one of the top teams in Formula D… and represents top-tier companies like Ford, RTR, Pennzoil, Nitto, Monster, etc. Monday morning quarterbacks will add – Denofa’s behavior did not represent his sponsors or the sport favorably. 

I say… the fuck it didn’t! 

That was the realest, most authentic thing I’ve seen in motorsports in quite some time. I’m not saying that Formula D should be WWE wrestling (or whatever the hell it’s called where they throw the chairs). But yeah – I don’t want the Candy Land version of motorsports either. This is a high-adrenaline, fast, intense sport… with litter margin for error. Don’t censor that. 

Motorsports in general has been losing energy over the decades. Why?

Partly because: Drivers have all become corporate faces. Race car drivers used to pop-off at the mouth on occasion. They were competitive, arrogant, passionate, & hard to wrangle… with just enough charm to pull it off. But then corporations got involved and wanted to brand them. And in doing so, race car drivers have become soft-d!ck spokespeople. Think of old NASCAR versus modern NASCAR. Sure – there’s a time to keep your cool. And for Chelsea Denofa, this wasn’t one of those times. I’m fine with that lol. Let ’em settle it at the next round.

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•BTW Chelsea said get the free S3 Magazine app… or else•  (Android)