P3Cars Gauge Mini Cooper

June 12, 2015– P3Cars is proud to introduce The P3Cars Vent Integrated Digital Interface (VIDI) Gauge for the Mini Cooper R53 (R50-53). Whether it’s a Coupe, Cabriolet and Supercharged S, Mini owners can now interact with their car in a whole new way. From this cars release tuners and performance shops alike were asking P3Cars to provide an interface for these vehicles and P3Cars has responded with a truly ground breaking interface. No longer must the tastefully driver focused interior be cluttered with devises that sacrifice either in the area of form or function. Form and Function, why not have both? That is the simple question P3Cars asks and answers with an industry leading diagnostic interface. Ground breaking in its simplicity, Stunning in its OEM tasteful appearance. Designed to present the absolute state of the art with no compromises. Tastefully integrated into your Mini Cooper’s interior the P3Cars VIDI is simplicity at its best.

Features for this device include:

-Vacuum for N/A applications, Boost and Vacuum for those who have forced induction -Coolant temp
-Air Intake temp
-Ignition Timing

-RPM with shift light
-Raw vehicle speed
-0-60 timer
-Battery voltage
-Peak recall on all functions -Code read and Clear

-3 additional analog inputs for industry leading levels of expandability.