MNNTHBX Sleeper Honda Grom

The Situation

Honda Groms are fun. This is a fact inscribed on stone tablets. But they’re very far away from fast. The question becomes, can they? With the Grom’s arrival, racing series have already popped up across the country, and aftermarket parts are aplenty. but Greg Hatcher of MNNTHBX wants to strike where sportbikes least expect it – in the twisties of Tennessee.

The Solution

So, how does one go about creating a wee dragon slayer? Quality parts, and expertise, which MNNTHBX has in spades. This is the list so far, and is only the beginning:

Weight Reduction Stop, Go, and Turn Bits Power
MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator MNNTHBX / CARD Fork and Shock Bazzaz ZFi
MNNTHBX Rear(less)sets Spiegler Brake Lines MNNTHBX Mtake (intake)
MNNTHBX Bar Mount w/ Damper Post Galfer Rotor MNNTHBX Underbody Exhaust
BST Carbon Wheels MNNTHBX Shroud Brace DCR Cam

Is it a budget build? Yes and no. Could it be the raddest Grom sleeper on the street? We’re excited to see.

A Honda Grom coming for a sportbike near you MNNTHBX Sleeper Honda Grom

MNNTHBX Sleeper Honda Grom

MNNTHBX Sleeper Honda Grom Suspension Upgrade: CARD Shock

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