What do you think about making a dedicated page in the magazine – where readers can send us whatever they want, and we put it in??  Any rant, any callout, and shameless plug, ownage, picture… whatever??  Me and J. Evins had talked about doing this a while back, and nothing ever came of it.  But it seems like it could definitely turn into the best page in the mag if we do it right lol.  Anyway – I haven’t even asked our designer about how (or if) it could realistically work.  But I figured I’d throw it out there and get ya’lls ideas.  I think there would have to be a small charge – about 15 bucks or less even.  Not trying to make a bunch of money off it, but a charge would weed out a lot of bs… and keep the submissions at their best.  Plus – a charge would guarantee a spot.  Anyway – what do you guys think?  Might be messy… but might be hilarious.