ACT clutch

I think it looks like a 350Z got attacked by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre dude who was tripping on acid. I really didn’t like the old one either that much. I’m more of an Infinity G35/G37 fan myself. The lines on the Infinity are a work of absolute art. The Z on the other hand looks like the designer had a case of turrets (or in Mike Sanders case a case of crabs*), had a minor seizure, then was beaten over the head with a splintered baseball bat, while simultaneously beating himself with a stapler and to top it off he was defecated upon.

But that’s just me: what are your thoughts on the matter?

*speaking of crabs. stop by Joe’s Crab Shack in Kennesaw GA and ask for Tiffany. She’s the bestest server ever! (and my boss’s daughter). I figure if i suck up enough I may get that raise I so desperately want. SO DO IT FOR ME!