Last year, I finally decided to abandon the S14 that I had been drifting for the last 5 years. It had been a great car but after so many years of abuse it was time to move on. I had been searching for the last few months with not much luck (didn’t have much of a budget at all to work with), but last week I stumbled into a deal too good to pass up:


The car is a 1989 S13 hatch that was built over the last few years buy a guy named Scott from Athens, GA. Normally I’d be extremely hesitant to buy a pre-modded car, but after following Scott’s build thread for the last year or so, I knew this car had been done right. After deciding to move on to a new project (LS1 powered FD), Scott got rid of this car and it has since been through 2 brief owners, but as of this week I managed to grab it up for an amazingly good deal.


The exterior of the car features JDM Nissan 180SX aero, kouki 180SX tail lights, a datona blue pearl paint job, and some old DC Rims CE046 wheels that I had lying around (the car previously wore bronze Volk TE37’s but they weren’t included at the price I got it for). It’s suspension and drivetrain modificaitons include Megan street coilovers, SPL rear upper control arms/toe rods, and an unknown JDM clutch-type diff which should have it pretty much ready to slide at the next Southeast Drift event in May. It’s powered by a fairly stock red top SR20DET with a 3″ turbo-back exhaust into an Apex’i N1 muffler and has a front mount intercooler. The interior is pretty much stock at the moment but I plan on adding a nice set of seats/harnesses and possibly a roll bar in the near future.


Overall, super happy to be back in the RWD game after a 6 moth absence. Keep checking here and in our next issue to see what additions might be in store for our new project.