euro cars

Sadly, I haven’t done too much stuff to my personal S14 drift car over the last few months (with the exception of some sweet blue LED strobes that the guys from VisionX hooked us up with earlier in the year), but a few days ago I finally broke down and ordered some 25mm spacers to help get my car a bit more flush and aggressive looking. As much as I’d love to own a nice set of 18×10/18×11 negative offset Works, my budget doesn’t quite permit for that right now, so spending a few dollars on spacers seemed like a more reasonable idea.

The install was pretty quick and straight-forward, with the exception of having to roll the rear fenders a good bit to keep them from destroying my tires and making terrible noises while driving normally. Only had the chance to snap a few iPhone pics so far, but hopefully I’ll have a few more after this weekend’s event at Turner Field in Atlanta.

Thanks again to Erin (DriftMechaniks/GTE/LS1 S13) for helping out with the install/fender rolling!