MXP exhaust

Had a bit of free time this afternoon so decided to snap a few new pics of my S14 with the new spacers installed.

Random new under-hood shot as well, even though it hasn’t seen any mods in a while:

And finally, the start of a bit of renovation for my interior. Had plans to pull out all the sound deadening a year or so ago but never quite got around to it, so figured now is a good time to start. Also hoping to replace the stock passenger seat with something a bit more race inspired, see about suede-wrapping the dash, and then paint the interor/cage before too long.

Day 1 ended with pretty good results of finishing up most of the front half of the car. If it wasn’t 93 degress of fun humid Atlanta heat right now, I’d probably attempt to knock out the rest, but think I’ll pass for right now.