Volk Wheels

We finally got some new tires to put on our supercharged S550 Mustang! Ever since the pandemic hit, car parts in general have been pretty difficult to get. Especially higher end, high demand tires. I have had Toyo R888R’s on this car pretty much since we got it, so I have been holding out to replace it with the tried and true. Our friends over at Toyo Tires came through in the clutch and got me a set of 305/35/20 R888R’s to wrap the rear Vossen Wheels. Here’s a quick clip of the day.


Throwing a set of new Toyo R888R’s in the back on the Mustang today. @TOYOTIRES #toyotires #mustang #mustanggt #s550mustang #racecar #r888r

♬ original sound – S3 Magazine

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