Happy 4th of July!…..

Just when I think that Alabama is the worst state in the South, Mississippi says “hold my beer” and gives me COVID on the way out. This has 100% ruined my 4th of July weekend, so I’m doing the best with what I’ve got. Luckily for me there was a big F1 race going on.

It’s pretty much all in the video below, but here is a quick recap of the 2022 F1 British Grand Prix. It was a truly amazing race that started off with a bang. Going into turn 1 on the first lap, the Alfa Romeo driven by Zhou Guanyu got hit and ended up on his lid, eventually slamming into the wall. He walked away seemingly without injury, thankfully. The halo did it’s job perfectly and saved a life today.

The rest of the race was fantastic. Carlos Sainz eventually pulled out the win, the first of his F1 career. The battle for 2nd and 3rd was probably the best racing you could have asked for with Serio Perez, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc all battling hard for position. Max Verstappen was a serious threat to the lead early on, but fell back and finished 7th. Anyway, here’s the video review:


Mississippi gave me COVID and made me miss America’s birthday, so i spent my time watching the F1 British Grand Prix. #covidsucks #f1 #britishgrandprix #f1racing #carlossainz #sergioperez #lewishamilton #charlesleclerc

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