Wtf. We’ve got so much damn technology these days… but why is it all so geeky. When did that happen? How are geeks in charge of the future? Dang – we should have studied more and gotten the good jobs. Because I don’t care about this crap. We think we’re all cool with bluetooth in our ear. Ohhhh – it’s wireless. But we’ve got wires hangin’ all over our damn car, charging cell phones, and playing ipods, and running dorky GPS. Like back in the 90s when you had a portable Disc-man on your passenger seat running through your cassette player. Sh*t’s weak. Where is the cool technology? Where is the actual uuuuseful technology. I mean – I’ve given up on flying cars (PS Back to the Future 2 was set in 2015) But can we at least get… a new kind of ‘turbo’?? Something that miraculously can double my horsepower (like a turbo)… but NOT a turbo… not a supercharger either. Something we havent thought of yet. Because I want that AND a turbo. I want… wheels that are spheres like in iRobot. Or how bout this… paint that wont chip or fade. I want… hangers that can hang my clothes for me… at least if I just throw the shirt in the general direction of the hanger. How about a cell phone battery that charges itself. What I DONT want… is to be watching a DVD, see a part in a movie that I like, pause it, rewind it, plug in an ihpone to a special iphone-piece that plugs into my TV, with a special case… download it to my phone, then download it to facebook, twitter, and make it my ringtone….. and single-handedly play out one cool part of one movie…. and see if people ‘comment’ on it. Sh*t’s ghey! (Yousef – don’t even start) Hey – and happy Monday.

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