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It’s been rumored for awhile, but now it’s officially ‘official’: The current Camaro will end in 2024. And as of now, nothing will take its place. GM tries to reassure their fanbase that this is not the end of Camaro’s legacy. But there is no announcement at this time that any form of Camaro will immediately follow. 

And then there was 1… 

With the (ICE) Dodge Challenger also seeing its last call, that means it’s just the Ford Mustang left carrying the torch.

killing camaro

To be somewhat optimistic though, this isn’t the first time Camaro’s taken a timeout.

Chevrolet killed the Camaro in 2002… but brought it back in 2010 with the hugely successful Gen-5. And I can’t explain why, but I have this unverifiable gut feeling that Chevy has a trick up their sleeve with their next generation V8. I also have a hunch that GM & Dodge are finally starting to read the room. And despite legislative pressures, surveys show that EV is not for Everyone. The EV push is getting pushback. What’s that mean? Well it could mean that car companies like GM & Dodge are in a wait-and-see pattern (of sorts) until the next election. Seriously – what happens to Dodge if they don’t have muscle? What else they got? 

Here’s another thing: GM could be attempting to strike on the fact that Ford mildly phoned-in the S650 Mustang. AND that Dodge seems to be forfeiting the best momentum they’ve had in a half century. So in that theory – taking a year or 2 to hold announcements & make the best possible version of the next-generation Camaro, could be a chess move for GM. 

Then again – if I get my dang head out of the clouds & we read the tea leaves of where the auto industry is actually heading… we all know what the next generation of ‘Camaro’ will likely be (see photo below for hint).

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