Every year, it seems like there’s a new trend within the car community. Some trends fizzle fast. And some stick around for years & years to develop a cult following. Up until now, pretty much every show I’ve attended had a singular focus. Take Slammedenuff, for instance. As the name implies: slammed cars. You won’t find too many cars in showcase that aren’t half an inch from the ground. Or Rod Run – hope you like seeing the same ’92 Fox Body Mustang 842 times in one weekend. But…


body dropped truck

slammed Chevy dually

What if there were a show that focused on overall quality?

Not just targeting one demographic. But rather, taking the best from all of them, and putting them in one place. Enter Riverslam, a place where diverse cultures all come together to celebrate the automotive community. If ever there were a car show melting pot, this is it.

slammed Nissan titan dually

Datsun 510

lifted titan

Riverslam started out as a mini-truck show…

But now years later, under new direction, the show has branched out to all corners of the automotive world. Of course, the main focus is on the mini-trucks, but you could have fooled me. This year’s show seemed like an all-round best of the best from each category.

mini-truck styles


mini truck

We’re talking donks next to muscle cars…

That are parked next to a bone stock Ford Contour SVT. No, seriously. This show really does have it all. Sunday even brought out the local lowrider community – hop contest and all. No drama, no fights, just everyone in the automotive community hanging out together, in one place.

custom cutlass

rat rod truck

Contour SVT

Oh, and the location is pretty killer too…

Literally on the Tennessee Riverfront, next to the Chickamauga Dam. The vibes are immaculate (or whatever the kids call it). Having been hosted here for a number of years now, it’s become the staple location for the show. Plus, there’s room to grow the show into the college campus behind the main lot.


toyota mini-truck

Needless to say, I’m excited to go back…

The man behind the scenes, Wayne, assured me that next year will be bigger than ever. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the show.

Text & Photos by Ben Battles


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lowered truck