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I’m not a fan of Rivian. 1) Because IMO they get way too much hype & funding for a car company who can barely make cars. 2) Because they’re tearing up 2,000 acres of my home in Georgia. But I’m gonna put all that aside for the moment. Because this – this is pretty damn impressive. Here we see an Rivian R1T skip the boat ramp entirely & fully back into a lake to unload their Malibu.

Here are the details…

This is Bear Lake in Idaho. Half the lake’s also in Utah. And Bear Lake is apparently known for nicely packed/firm sand, and a very gradual/shallow depths from the shore. So if you’re gonna do something like this… this would be the ideal place to try it. But still. Usually the only people pulling this stunt have lifted trucks with big M/T tires. Not bone-stock EV yuppie trucks that could seemingly Johnny-5 at any moment underwater lol. This could have gone viral in a very different way. But watch the video – the Rivian R1T pulls it off without issue!

The Rivian R1T has 4 electric motors, 1 for each wheel/tire. Meaning it’s 4-wheel-drive… but EACH WHEEL has it’s own power delivery independent from the others. That makes it potentially very, very capable… so long as the rest of the truck can keep up with the capability of the 4wd system. Trailer lights were disconnected prior to submergence to keep the Rivian from going into tow-mode. And also (something I never knew but learned from InsideEVs) – the maximum water level that you can submerge a Rivian without it starting to get too light/buoyant & potentially float away… is 43-inches. And not coincidentally, the point where the top of the black fender flares meet the paint, is also 43-inches. So that’s your guide. As you can see in the video, the person driving the Rivian made sure the waterline did not exceed the fender flare line. Also – the Malibu needs about 3-feet of water to float off the trailer.

So in conclusion…

After watching this video, I will talk *a little* less shit about Rivian. And maybe they’re *not quite* as yuppie as I thought they were. 🙂


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