The Rivian R3 is exciting! And I get moved for about 5 seconds before I realize… this is just the boy who cries wolf, crying wolf again. Rivian is in trouble. Their stock value’s been crashing harder than an i20 Altima. And speaking of Georgia, Rivian just put their 2,000 acre Social Circle, GA factory on hiatus. The ‘Rivian Parkway’ signs have been removed from the site, and all that’s left is 2,000 acres of completely destroyed & devastated country landscape & a small town with muddy well water. That’s a lot more real than the R3. So from where I’m standing… 

Rivian is in dire need to save face, salvage stock prices, & crowd fund… so they’ve introduced a couple fantasy new models to buzz-up your hungry newsfeed. Introducing the Rivian R3 (above) & R2 (below). Just a $100 deposit, and these could be plugged into your wall… sometime in the next 6 years maybe… for 30% more than advertised… with 20% less range. We’ve seen this game already, and we know these plays. PS: avoid fender-benders.

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