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So like a big idiot lol… I took my own advice from my previous rising Porsche 944 values article, and bought this Ruby Red Porsche 944. But instead of being wise & buying a clean, low mileage example of a 944, my A.D.D. kicked in… and I impulsively bought the roughest, cheapest 944 I could find. Champagne taste on a beer budget, with blind optimism & a positivity that never learns from all its previous mistakes… that’s the S3 way.

Porsche barn find

So here’s what my dumbass eagerly bought: A Ruby Red 1984 Porsche 944.

This particular car came with the sought-after Sport Seats and color-matched Fuchs wheels! However… neither of those things are present anymore. The car does not run. No one knows when it last ran… or why it ever stopped running. The title seems to have disappeared. And it may have been wrecked a little bit. The hatch doesn’t open; the passenger door doesn’t want to close. Oh – the clutch pedal is on the floor. There’s obviously no battery. And that’s about all I know at this point.

Porsche 944 project car

But the previous owner says “all this 944 needs is a fuel pump.”

Ahh just kidding… here’s the story on that: The guy I bought it from is a Porsche friend, and a huge 944 guru. He runs a business called 944 Barn, and he bought this 944 solely for the optioned-out Fuchs & the Sport seats. But in the short time he owned & analyzed it, he felt like it was pretty solid car. His gut & experience told him that the fuel pump was the source of the car not running, and that with a new pump & filter… you might get lucky.

Porsche 944 ruby red

So that’s where I’m at… but I don’t feel lucky yet. 

The good news is, when it comes to the Porsche 944, there’s enough aftermarket & motor-swap options to dig you out of any hole. Not financially lol…. but at least you never officially have to admit you were wrong. I’ll keep you posted.

944 fuel pump issue