When I got my JK a few years ago, the first thing I did was take it to the North Georgia trails with some buddies, who coincidentally happened to work at Rugged Ridge. I had been wanting a Jeep for years, and the RR guys finally convinced me, “DANGIT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!” I left that trail hooked for life. But I can tell you – the one thing I left wanting/needing more than ANYTHING ELSE… was rock sliders! Ugh – the piece of mind you get with these things is just freeing. If you dent-up your factory bumper on the trail, no huge deal… it just kind of forces you to get an aftermarket bumper… which you already wanted anyway right? But if you bang-up the exposed rocker panel… that’s a bruise for life. And when you’re exposed, even mild rocks seem SO MUCH BIGGER than they really are lol. You didn’t get a Jeep to hold back, so don’t hold yourself back.

Put rock sliders on the short list of first mods if you plan to be hitting trails. These Rugged Ridge XHDs look great with the OEM fenders, and they’re also gonna look great with aftermarket fenders as you build the Jeep.

Jeep JL rock sliders