Project Mu

This is a throwback article (probably about 8-10 years ago) to the Apex Auto Works Chevy II Nova. Crazy how the subject matter has gotten even more accurate with time. The car, however, ultimately met its end in Mexico during a 3-day road race called the Chihuahua Express. (scroll to bottom for pics)

I’m only in my 30s, and somehow I feel like an old man…

Not because I’m actually an old man, but because I’m having a hard time relating to today’s youth. Only a decade or so separates us… but our mindsets & convictions seem to be generations apart. In my 30’s – I’m realizing that this is not the America I grew up in. It isn’t… we’ve lost something. And that makes me sigh. 

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words…

Well these pictures speak on what we’ve lost… or what we’re losing. Pride, authenticity, character, spirit… just to name a few. The truth is – we’re drowning. We’re running out of fight. The people are tired.

So when I see a car like this Chevy Nova…

Greasy, raw, scarred, and unapologetic – it’s more than a car. It symbolizes something greater. It reminds us of who we were. Before Americans allowed America to become too safe, too scared, and too damn politically correct. 

This Chevy II Nova is visceral

It’s loud, running on fuel & fire. It represents danger. And that’s the appeal! It doesn’t have yellow & white warning labels on the visors. This Nova can’t drive itself, because it assumes you know what the fuck you’re doing. There are Taco Bell wrappers under the seats. I mean damn – am I seriously writing the script for Demolition Man here? 

There was a time when we smoked cigarettes – real ones.

And we drove dangerous cars with bench seats & lap belts (at best). It wasn’t “dangerous”, because hell it was normal. We carried snake-skin briefcases with gold latches & a revolver in it. And ate steak for lunch. SPF & hand sanitizer didn’t exist, but 3-wheelers did. Air travel was lavish, flight attendants were fit, and the airplane seats had ashtrays in them. Kids drank from the hose. McDonald fries were cooked in straight-up lard. And if any of that upsets you… I’m sorry but that just makes me love it more

Photos by Jason Scott


327ci SBC bored 30-over to a 331ci

12:5:1 compression

Big cam

Muncie 4-speed transmission

Ford 9″

Grand National hubs

Jeep steering box.

A-arms and spindles off a Ford LTD

Coilovers in front

Truck arm rear suspension with coil springs

Wilwood disc brakes

Holley 650cfm double pumper

Diff cooler

32 gallon fuel cell

Fender-well headers

Mechanical fuel pump

The rear window ZDUS-clips-out for spare

Mechanical fan



Front suspension & steering is like a Nova’s, except strengthened & extended

15″x8″ Arrow steel wheels

Toyo R888s

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