When you part-out your daily running BMW E36 M3, so that you can put the engine in your BMW E30 drift car & use the extra money to boost it… you’ve got a lot of problems that’s for sure. But a slow drift car ain’t one of ‘em ya feel me!!

Sam Holzmann drifts for the love & fun of it. And that’s what it’s all about. Whether Sam realizes it right now… right now is his good ol’ days. Big wings, clear tail lights, late night hangs, and more boost than anyone needs. That’s what’s up. Not everyone has to go pro. Take a second to break it down… and honestly… most of y’all probably don’t even want to go pro. Not if you saw the full scope of it. You don’t want that. 

The real roots of drifting is… in the hills & on the streets. It’s not on a staging-line looking up at a box of judges. Hell – whether or not drifting can even be truly accurately ‘judged’ is up for argument after just about any formal drift event. It’s just not that kind of sport. But it’s become that kind of sport so it can be monetized & capitalized on. Ding ding ding… monetization. The key to ruining all. 

BMW E30 drift car

US-spec BMW S50 engine. 450whp @ 11psi with a Precision 6266 turbo. E36 ZF transmission.

     So do you have what it takes to go pro?? Do you?? Because it takes more than just some big-balls driving style. And sometimes what it takes can get a little corporate & disenchanting. You’ve gotta make a program & sell it to sponsors… every year. Put on that professional face. Small-talk it up. Manage budgets & hit deadlines. Guarantee performance, impressions, & deliverables. Get stoked about corny sellout stuff. Watch your language & shape up… all while being edgy… yet marketable. Compete against friends while trying to maintain those friendships. Over the last 14 years with this mag, I’ve seen some guys have very positive & successful careers in drifting. But I’ve also seen some truly good dudes get disillusioned with the sport & loose the flame as they climbed the ranks. Don’t lose the flame. 

…From Issue 53     Text by Wooley     Photos by Jasper Gustafsson




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