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What’s long, white, and has half the women in the neighborhood bothered?? Well I guess this Scion xB limo… for one. Mike Jones tried to buy this xB limo twice. The first time was years ago, when it popped-up at a dealership still more-or-less in showroom new condition. When Mike called to inquire about it, the dealership rudely told him,

“More than you can afford pal…”

They were holding out for a premium, confident that some cash-flexing business would come scoop it up for marketing purposes or whatnot. Sadly, it slipped off Mike’s radar for years…

Scion Xb limo

But as fate would have it…

The very same xB limo popped up for sale again last year… in Dallas this time. Mike Jones would not lose her twice. So he boarded a plane & flew out to Dallas (from Tennessee) to go get him o’ limo. 

Scion xB limo

Specifics are vague on this xB limo…

From what we know, a coach company built the xB limo as a one-off novelty project back in 2015-16. It seemingly was never built for a specific customer. But the chassis-modifications were done properly. And inside, the xB is equipped with some of the pizzaz & fancy features you’d expect to see in typical limos (such as a minibar, etc). The original exhaust, however, was cheap & rust-prone, so Mike Jones had a little fun upgrading it. 

slammed xB limo

Scion xB exhaust

Of course Mike bagged the Scion xB Limo…

Because that’s what you do in a situation like this. Suspension-wise, it’s all identical to a regular xB, so it’s not too complicated. The wheels are Rays Victrix, carefully massaged onto the car in size 18×9 front, and 18×10 rear. They’re honestly a perfect look. Appropriately – the xB limo is strapped with a ton of underglow & a couple 12” subs. It’s also got a TRD intake & swaybars. But other than that…

Scion xB wheel fitment

bagged xB

This xB limo is a daily-driving family car. 

It’s long, but it’s not thaaaaaat long. And Mike Jones has no problem wheeling the stretched xB around town. It fits into parking spaces (for the most part). Basically, it’s about as long as a crew-cab long-bed pickup… so it’s doable. Weight-wise, Mike hasn’t had it on scales yet, although the curiosity is killing him. His wife drives a Release Series 7.0 xB with a manual transmission, and that car is noticeably peppier. But the limo carries itself juuuust fine for a stretched-out, slammed cruiser. Yeah… this is cool. And the longer you gaze at it, the more you can start to imagine the all possibilities.

photos by ben battles (

Scion xB exhaust

xb limo

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Import Alliance car show