Well – we just got back from Sema in Vegas, and I think I picked up the swine flu. But that’s wimpy compared to Yousef who picked up the hiv. That’s a joke… unless you can get the hiv just by thinking about being with a girl… which might actually be possible in Vegas. But even if that were true, he Purells (uses that hand sanitizer all the time). But seriously – I do have the sniffles. Totally worth it though… as it was yet another great Sema event. The turnout was noticeably down, because of the slow last couple of years economy-wise. Normally – the Las Vegas Convention Center is packed out for Sema. But this year – they blocked off huge sections of emptiness with curtains, and they widened the isles… and brought more show cars inside to fill up dead space. To be honest though – we didn’t feel like it was a ‘bad’ thing. A couple years ago – there was so much traffic at Sema, that it would drive you nuts trying to get around all the people taking pictures, rolling backpacks, whatever. The masses of people were cool and exciting, but it could also be frustrating when you’re trying to cut to the other side of the show. This year – you only went half-nuts. You could actually move around a decent bit. And when you got to a booth – you could actually talk to the people in it. It allowed us to hang out a little bit more… meet some new faces, and make some new buddies. We’ll get some pics up soon.