MXP exhaust

SEMA was unbelievable again this year, just as it always is. The show is so overwhelming and awesome… that you have a hard time even coping with it mentally. It’s like you’re constantly distracted by the next cool thing or little detail that you stumble across, making it hard to even focus & appreciate what’s in front of you. I guess that’s kind of a metaphor for the city of Vegas in a way too. It’s hard to explain, but you end up walking around all day at the show with this feeling like – you just forgot something that was right on the tip of your tongue. And you just have this haunting feeling that you need to get back home and work on your car asap. Attendance was noticeably up, as were the number of vendors exhibiting – a definitely good sign of things to come. The FRS was ‘the’ car on the import side of things. And the new C7 Vettes were out in force representing for the domestics (hard to hate on that new Vette). As a business, and as an enthusiast, you leave The Sema Show so hyped up and motivated to come back home, get busy, do something, and make a difference. If you have the opportunity to go, trust me, you really shouldn’t let it pass.

gray frs

silver audi


green bmw

gray murci

bug life


wheel paint

yellow GTR


mk1 rear

garrett EG

blue GTR

yellow IS

yellow genesis

white teal porsche

white Evo

white bmw

tjin ST


silver IS

Silver FRS

rotiform fuchs


photo 1


mk1 bay

LS1 S2k


Gush FRS


Carbon Z4

carbon Z4 front


blue frs

bagged audi

awd rod


Muteki lug nuts