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What is the SEMA show? It’s the biggest automotive aftermarket show of its kind. 2.5 million square feet of vendor space. Approximately 2,000 companies represented. And as it looked, just as many unique builds. Only the best of the best are shown here at the show. This year, we are compiling 100 of our favorite photos from the show for you all to enjoy. Let’s dive right in!

Widebody Moceri DeLorean

Central Hall

If you’re looking for the most insane builds, you’ll find them here. Case & point, Tim’s DeLorean. Unreal all around. Twin turbo V8, custom interior, body kit & more. Solid.

RC Track

There’s something for everyone in here, young or old. The RC booths were popular all show long.

Gintani Huracan

The Gintani booth never disappoints. This year, they had several new Lamborghinis with their exhausts plus more.

Delfab F Series

Again, something for everyone. A big portion of SEMA is truck builders. They do it BIG.

Time Attack NSX

In the back of Central Hall, Racewars was showing this WILD NSX. This was sitting next to an old school hot rod. Import vs Domestic.

Richard Rawlings Testarossa EV


Once again, EV vendors are back to showcase their coolest offerings. Legacy EV worked with Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage to make this WILD Testarossa. And yes, it’s electrified. Before anyone gets too upset, this one was destined for the scrapyard and it was turned into what you see here.

Tesla Swapped SL

This SL300 Gullwing kit is swapped with a Model 3 underneath. One of the coolest builds in the back of Central Hall.

Raesr Tachyon Speed

This… Batmobile looking thing is the Raesr Tachyon Speed – an all-electric hypercar. These guys are super knowledgeable and are all about their tech.

Lucid Air On Bags

If you’re unaware, Lucid currently has the quickest acceleration car on the market. It’s called the Sapphire and it is capable of turning an 8 second quarter mile. Unreal. This one is the Air Touring – not quite as fast but still PLENTY quick. Also, the first one on adjustable air suspension… in the world!

Toyo Tread Pass

Toyo Treadpass

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time at Toyo’s Treadpass. This year, I continued that trend. Nothing but the best builds out here.

Widebody Golf

Steven’s Mk6 is nothing short of WICKED. Just look at it. Aggressive from every angle.

Widebody Merkur

This Merkur XR4TI was the winner of the sport compact BOTB at SEMA this year. What an amazing build. Especially when you consider there’s little to no aftermarket for these. Everything on this is made from scratch for the most part. Jordan and his team absolutely killed it.

Slammed BMW

There’s something about a dark green BMW slammed on some F40 looking wheels.

BMW M Touring

Marv’s E36 Touring is nothing short of perfect. Hartge wheels, widebody, bags, cage, newer M 6cyl… What’s not to like here?

Kevlar 356 K Swap

This is a carbon kevlar bodied 356 with a K series swap. Wild build.


Ok, now this one is *different* different. This started life as an actual GT3 car. Converted to a street car with a Mercedes V12. THEN, it was boosted. Capable of something like 1,400HP??? We are here for it.

EV Swapped G Wagen

Not your average G Wagon. EV Swapped. Check the front plate.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Here’s a car you NEVER see. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. On my favorite set of HRE’s – they look good on ANYTHING!

Widebody Kei Truck

Regretting not getting more footage of this wild thing. Time attack Kei truck.

Vaded Mob Chaser

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to give a shoutout to our friend, Josh Freeman. We featured his Chaser last year – but a lot has changed. You can see what it looked like here. But wow, color us impressed. It just might be the best Chaser out there.

Slammed Euro Rabbit Truck

Back in Central Hall…

This place is proper huge. Nothing but cool cars everywhere. The Auto Finesse booth had plenty.

3D Printed Wheel

One thing that was so impressive was the 3D printed tech. You can now print just about any shape, out of any material, for any application. This is one tech we will keep a close eye on.

Gold Testarossa

Don’t ask me why, but a gold Ferrari Testarossa is on my Christmas list now.


Hert’s Twerkstallion made an appearance! This is one of the most iconic RX-7’s on the entire planet.

FJ Bruiser Toyota

Toyota brought out this bonkers build. They call it the FJ Bruiser – a NASCAR engined off-road beast.

3 Spoke Supra Mk5

The new Supra still appears to be the car of choice for a lot of builders.

Tein Booth SEMA

Tein always seems to catch my eye with their booth cars. No exceptions this year. The green on the GR Corolla is sublime.

Millenium Jade R34

With R34’s becoming legal this year, there was no shortage of them at SEMA.

Toyota Truck Bonneville 2JZ

Chuckles Garage brought their latest land speed Toyota pickup. They’re hunting down 240+ MPH with this 1,300HP 2JZ powered machine.

Rotary Swapped S Chassis

This is PasMag’s latest Tuner Battlegrounds winner. A wild long term Odyvia build with – get this – a ROTARY swap. With nods to lowrider culture intertwined with Japanese drift culture – it does not get much better than this. A deserving build if ever there was one.

Max Grundy Kar-V

Max Grundy is a madman. This just goes to prove it. Car-V, as the name suggests, is a mixture of a car… and an RV. You can’t make this up.

SEMA Truck Lineup

Ok, back outside…

Outside, there’s cars and trucks lining the convention center everywhere you look. Mostly trucks, but I’m not complaining.

Bagged GMC Dually

And the trucks don’t always have to be bro dozers. This dually GMC caught me off guard. Really cool build.

Gulf Livery F Series

I really appreciated the Gulf livery on this one. Even the suspension components were paint matched.

Widebody New Z

The new Z is really REALLY starting to grow on us. The more we see the modified ones like this, the more we seem to like them.

Nashole Hot Wheels

If you’ve played the latest Forza Horizon games, you might have driven this car called “Nashole.”

MNP R34 TJ Hunt

TJ Hunt’s R34 is beautiful – MNP is wonderful in the sun.

Lifted Trucks

Old school meets new school here… and what’s behind the red one?

2 Door Evo

That would be a 2 door Evo. Look at all of the parts on it.

LBWorks S15

The Auto Finesse LBWorks S15 is incredible. 900ish HP race car for the road.

Twin Engine Z

THIS. Talk about a mind blowing build. Twin engine 350Z – but it’s not twin Nissan engines, no. That’s too easy. Two turbocharged K series engines from Honda. WILD.

Lowrider Honda Acty

This Honda Acty is what happens when lowrider culture meets japanese culture. Wire spokes & widebody.

Datsun 2000 Skyline

This wild Hakotora was one of my personal favorite builds. So cool to see. Scale models exist of this car as well (there’s one on top.)

Family Truckster

Someone brought out the Family Truckster!!!

Civic D Series Swapped Goldwing

This was no ordinary Honda Goldwing – the entire rear was a front clip from a Civic hiding underneath the shell. Also, a single cam D series motor. Unreal.

Old School Lifted Dodge

Something about the classic truck builds just gets me.

Hillclimb Camaro

Mike DuSold’s 1967 Camaro Hillclimb car was one of my favorite race cars. 1,200HP LS engine, tons of aero & fab work.

BMW Vert Drift Car

I don’t have a lot of info on this BMW 3 series but it looked great.

Cam's Widebody 86

Cam’s re-done GT86 is simply gorgeous. All new body kit designed with Cam’s input. Engine is an LS with an 8-1 collector and sounds menacing. One of the best builds and builders at SEMA.

Twin Turbo Bed

Looking back at this, I wish I had more content and info on it. Twin turbos hanging in the bed. 4 air compressors and flowing hard lines.

2JZ 86

Ok, now, back inside again…

How about a 2JZ powered drift car?


TJ’s M4 GT3. Air jacks and all. Unique builds as always from the YouTube community.

Old School Hot Rod

Isky brought their best retro flair with this one. I’m a sucker for the old school hot rods.

Ryan Litteral S15 Drift Car

I met this guy, Ryan Litteral. Cool as they come. Told me everything I wanted to know and let me get all inside the car. Good luck next season, man!

Time Attack C6

I’m a simple man – if I see turbos hanging off the sides, I take a photo.

Liberty Walk Diesel Lamborghini

Now we have come to my personal favorite build of SEMA 2023. 1 Way Diesel Lamborghini.

Twin Turbo Diesel Lambo

The owner, Clay, was super nice and told me everything about the build. That includes the fact it was wrecked and basically built from the ground up in almost no time. Twin turbo, Cummins swapped. Capable of 1,500HP & 2,500TQ, this thing could tow the factory it was built in.

Vance & Hines Bike

Moving on to something with 2 wheels. The Vance & Hines bikes are fast. Really fast. I watched one win its class at an NHRA event in Charlotte earlier this year.

2JZ BMW Drift Car

JZ swapped 3 series, anyone? Super cool FD builds all over the place.

World's Fastest Street Car

This man, Johnny Bohmer, one of the fastest men alive. This highly modified Ford GT made a top speed run last year of 310MPH. That makes it the world record holder as the fastest street legal car.

Hayabusa Kart

Let me tell you about this wild machine. That is an “Exodus” from Dove Racing. For around $30k, you get basically what you see here. A 200hp Hayabusa powered, 950lb road legal go-kart. These guys were so fun to talk to. Apparently for a few grand more, you can get a turbo kit and have a better power to weight ratio than a Bugatti Veyron.

Radford Hillclimb Car

This Radford hillclimb car was so menacing in person. Full blown race car.

HKS Booth

HKS’s booth was trimmed in red & black all over.

RC10 Replica

Am I the only one that remembers playing with the old RC-10’s???

Tesla Lowrider

One of our favorite builds at SEMA, this Lowrider Tesla Model Y. Spokes, Vogues, paint, flake – the whole nine yards from the guys at Hoppos.

Greg's RWB Inozetek

Greg’s RWB 997 looked amazing in the Spyder booth! Sporting his latest color as well.

AWD Hellcat

CFR Performance – these dudes ROCK! AWD Hellcat Charger that started life as a police cruiser. So cool to see again!

Phil's FD

Phil, if you’re reading this, I owe you a feature. For everyone else, this is one of Phil’s FD’s. Unreal looking in person. Immaculate.

Ford Drift

Back outside… again!

All the Ford Performance & RTR guys put on an AMAZING show!

Mustang Pair Drift

These guys know how to PARTY!



A must visit area of the SEMA show every year is the Hoonigan Burnyard.

Hoonigan Crowd

And as to my reasoning as to why I got ZERO photos of the action, see exhibit A – PACKED.

Porsche V8 Racecar

But that didn’t stop me from getting some shots of some amazing builds in their lot!

2JZ Lambo

Why yes, that would be another JZ swapped car. This time, a Lamborghini. Still utilizing the Gallardo’s transaxle.

Tent Lambo Sterrato

And speaking of Lamborghini, check out the new Sterrato. For when you have a cool $400k and want to go in the desert – fast.

Off-Road Hoonigan

All kinds of cool on 4 wheels out here!

Jaime's Overland Rig

Jamie’s Volkswagen LT suffered some issues on the road trip to SEMA – but it MADE IT!

Outside West Hall

Back outside west hall:

From left to right, Motul Evo, Sinh’s Liqui Moly S2K & a beautiful lowrider inspired truck.

Bagged Volvo Semi

This International semi truck was laid out on the ground with a Cummins swap.

Twin Engine Truck

And this truck had TWO V8’s on the back. So cool to see.

ECS Ultra X5 Liqui Moly

Mike’s Ultra X5. A collab with Liquid Moly, ECS Tuning and more. So cool to see.

Bagged Hummer

Ever see a Hummer on the floor? Well, now you have. Built by the guys over at Defiant Motorsports in Monroe, Georgia, this thing is ART!

Outside Central Hall

Time attack, salt flats and lifted trucks – all in one photo.

Pit & Paddock

Pit & Paddock. These guys know how to do a proper car booth.

Bisimoto Porsche

Back inside – one last time!

This is Bisimoto’s EV Porsche named “MobyX.” 640 all electric horsepower BEAST. Congrats on the killer spot, Bisi.

BOTB gridlife

North Hall had SEMA Battle of the Builders. We found this K-swapped S2K that competes in Gridlife GLTC series. Love it!


Also at BotB, this twin turbo LS RX-7.

Merkur BOTB

The stage area was so cool with a lift and everything!

WalMart Booth SEMA

The original Wal-Mart (yes, they have a booth) which is pretty neat.

RWB Porsche

This RWB was SUUUUUUPER wide!

Finnegan's MiniTruck

Mike Finnegan’s latest mini truck! Such a throwback build. Also, the Bling Sauce booth was so quirky with a claw machine????

C10 Slayer Brad DeBerti

This was one of my favorite builds here. Brad DeBerti’s C10 Slayer. Dual rear live axle setup, supercharged & trumpeted Chevy V8. Can’t forget all that body work! So cool to see.

Inozetek Booth

Now time for my personal favorite booth – Inozetek. 3rd year in a row, matter of fact. This year having more of a motorsports vibe really just takes the cake for me.

Alex Choi's 720S

How could you not love Alex Choi’s McLaren 720S? BTW, that’s PPF. Amazing looking and shows off all the curves.

Guntherwerks Porsche

Shoutout to Peter at Guntherwerks. We went to last year’s rooftop party and had a blast. But this year, he brought out this carbon fiber bodied, 4.0L BEAST of a car. Congrats on the build.

Outside SEMA

Roll Out!

The last part of SEMA – roll out.

Kei Truck Broken Down

All of the show cars take to the streets. Loud exhausts & loud stereos.

Bagged Widebody Tesla

Well… SOME had loud exhausts. But still.

Nissan Z Sunset

This was a SEMA I’ll never forget. Thank you to everyone that made this happen. Genuinely cannot wait to go back next year.

Also – WE DID A PODCAST! Short, sweet and to the point, check it out:

Text & Photos by Ben Battles





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