Project Mu

I believe in the psychology of cars. And I believe that cars that were built with heart… HAVE heart. In a sense – the spirit of the creators gets passed through to the creation. And the outcome is, a soul. What else do you call it when something unexplainably becomes more than the sum of its parts? When it is a reflection of its creator? Great cars breathe air – like we do. There is a fire inside of them – like there is in some of us. The best cars… real cars… have an undeniable energy & presence that is more than just machine. Is it human? No. BUT – I believe they possess a kind of kindred spirit that certain human spirits instantaneously recognize & understand. This is Jimmy Korienek’s white E92 M3.

E92 airlift

I also believe… 

That great cars speak to us on levels we instinctually understand… but can’t translate. They awaken a life-force inside of us. And get emotions & inspirations stirring in ways we can’t describe. I think a lot of times, that’s why it’s so hard to explain ourselves to the outside sensible world. And why so often, we find it impossible to rationalize or justify what we do. How often have you stumbled all over your own words trying to explain why? Your soul knows exactly why, but your mouth can’t find the words. I guess that’s what art does to us.

Work Meisters

Jimmy Korienek is a graphic artist. 

Art drives every aspect of his life. He’s covered in tattoos. Each one carefully calculated… deliberately chosen… & pursued. And just like his body, every part on his E92 M3 has been carefully calculated… deliberately chosen… & pursued. Jimmy’s formula (whether it’s automotive or artistic) goes something like this: Follow the art of simplicity. Jimmy takes ‘the whole’, and then he removes things… one piece at a time… right up until it doesn’t make any sense anymore. Then he adds that last piece back in, and that’s it. Everything has a reason & a purpose, and nothing doesn’t. It’s almost what you don’t see… that stops you in your tracks.  

Photos by Brandon Deuster

white BMW M3

E92 BMW M3

Varis carbon fiber trunk & diffuser

APR carbon fiber front splitter

Very low production carbon fiber side skirts from a single-run, group-buy situation

OEM carbon fiber roof

Ind Distribution carbon fiber front grille, fender vents, and mirror caps

BavWorks real carbon fiber housing headlights with raptor eyes

Autoteknic carbon fiber interior

Tecnocraft carbon fiber stage-3 intake, air-filter boxes, and engine covers

Gintani stage-3 pulleys

Fluid MotorUnion custom header-back, catless mid section exhaust

Revinora race thermal-coated rear section exhaust

Aggressive euro tune

3-piece Work Meisters in 19×11 front & 19×12 rear w/ paint-matched Mineral White centers

Airlift suspension

white on white


S3 Magazine


E92 Varis trunk diffusor

lowered BMW M3

Import Alliance car show