Skyline-swapped Accord Wagon  // Rear-Wheel-Drive // S13 Subframes


1: Alright seriously – what the hell have you built here?!


My buddy Robert Bell and I at RB’s Adrenaline Factory have taken a 1994 Honda Accord Wagon ce1… and completely cut off the front end. We welded in a new tubular front end built to s13 240sx specs, and dropped in a RB25det Neo (r34 Skyline GTT) from JDM of California. The S13-spec front-end allows us to run the s13 subframe, suspension, brakes, everything. Piece of cake right! lol

In the rear, we’re using an s13 rear subframe for the rear-wheel-drive conversion, and an R33 driveshaft.

Let me by clear – THIS IS MY DAILY. But we knew this was also gonna be a drift car from the get-go… so we wanted to use parts that are accessible & easy to get in the drift world.

2: You realize that like 90% of these off-the-wall projects never run again right? How did you beat the odds?


Backstory: We had an R32 front bumper laying around. And out of boredom, I put it on my Accord one day. I took it to a local monthly meet… and people laughed. That was all the motivation I needed. So bottom line: We ‘beat the odds’ when we set out to prove ‘em all wrong. We set out to do something different AND FUN… and we stuck to a pretty strict budget and plan. Spare time is minimal around here, and so is shop space – so having a detailed plan of attack was key. But we knew that once we conquered the hard part of getting the engine & rear-end in… and we’d have this thing sliding in no time!

3: How does it drive? What’s it feel like?


It honestly rides fantastic! The Function & Forum Type 2 coilovers are great. And we took it even further & modified the position of the subframes/suspension to where the suspension would have full range of function… but also still have that low palm-biting low stance.


R34 Nissan Skyline GTT

-RB25det Neo 2.5-liter / 5-speed trans

HKS GT28 turbo

GReddy BOV

Q45 90mm throttle body

Mishimoto oil filter sandwich plate

Star performance oil cooler

R33 GTS-T drive shaft


Nissan 240sx s13 front & rear subframes (stock arms)

Function & Form type-2 s13 coilovers

2″ extended lower control arms

ISR front tension rods


Work Rezax wheels

-18×10 front & 18×14 rear

Falken tires

Nissan z32 & r32 front & rear calipers

z32 brake master

s13 brake booster

Custom brake lines


Formula D spec cage w/ integrated roof rack

Full tube front / strut towers

Tube rear strut towers



z32 2+0 stock tank

Walbro 450 fuel pump

New fuel lines



manual r34 / rb25 Neo ECU

z32 MAF

z32 stock gauge cluster




GP Carbon 1-off fenders/flares

r32 GTR fiberglass bumper

Datsun replica fender mirrors

Street Glow neon



Bride replica fixed-back seats

Custom trans tunnel

Honda Accord dash

s13 steering column

Double din head unit w/ kicker 6x9s


Air jacks

Carbon doors, hood, and bumpers

Top mount turbo setup

Text by Wooley & Armando   Photos by Marcus McDonald